Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14633—14648

ASNEO: Identification of personalized alternative splicing based neoantigens with RNA-seq


Figure 6. The AS neopeptide is a potential biomarker for patient survival analysis. Neoantigen burden multiplying CTL and T cell abundance (Burden*CTL*Tcell) was associated with progress free survival in van Allen cohort (log-rank P=0.05, A) and neoantigen burden (Burden) was associated with improved overall survival (log-rank P=0.04, B) in Hugo cohort. When use high immune neopeptides (HIN) to predict survival, the separation became more significant in both van Allen cohort (HIN*CTL*Tcell, log-rank P=0.04, C) and Hugo cohort (HIN, log-rank P=0.009, D).