Priority Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 11185—11199

The mitochondrial derived peptide humanin is a regulator of lifespan and healthspan


Figure 1. Humanin overexpression is sufficient to increase lifespan in C. elegans. HN overexpression significantly increased lifespan in worms (average lifespan of 19.0 days) compared to wild-type/N2 (average lifespan 17.7 days) (A). This increase in lifespan was dependent on daf-16 as daf-16(mu86) mutants did not have any increase in lifespan when crossed with the humanin-tg strain (average lifespan 15.5 days vs 16.1 days respectively) (p < 0.2) (B). Hn-tg worms also had a significant decrease in body length, body fat, and reproductive output (CE). *indicates p<.05.