Priority Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 11185—11199

The mitochondrial derived peptide humanin is a regulator of lifespan and healthspan


Figure 2. HN-tg mice phenocopy the transgenic worms and are protected from toxic insult. Humanin transgenic mice have a significant decrease in body length by 12% at 28 days of age (n= 5 for control and n=3 for the hn-tg mice) (A). Body weight at the same age was also decreased by 10.4% (n=26 and n=16 for control and hn-tg mice respectively) (B), while litter size decreased by 46.5% (n=10 and n=15 for control and hn-tg mice respectively) (C). When administered cyclophosphamide, mice have a decreased lymphocyte count and transgenic mice are protected from this toxin (n=6 or 7 per group) (D). Similarly, when examining germ cell apoptosis organized by spermatogenic stages in the same cyclophosphamide treated mice, humanin transgenic mice are significantly protected from CP induced apoptosis (E). * indicates p<.05.