Priority Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 11185—11199

The mitochondrial derived peptide humanin is a regulator of lifespan and healthspan


Figure 5. Humanin levels are correlated with longevity. HN levels decline with age in monkeys between 19 and 25 years of age but not between 25 and 35 years of age (n=40, 25, and 21 for 19, 25, and 35 years of age respectively) (A). In two rodents, the short-lived mouse (n=29) has a decline in humanin levels over the first 16 months of life, while the long-lived naked mole rat (NMR) (n=10) maintains levels over 2 decades (B). Humanin levels in offspring of centenarians (n=18), who have a higher chance of becoming centenarians themselves, are significantly higher than age-matched control levels (n=19)(C). * indicates p<.05, columns with different numbers are significantly different from each other.