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Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14775—14790

The circular RNA circEIF3M promotes breast cancer progression by promoting cyclin D1 expression


Figure 8. CircEIF3M functions as a sponge for miR-33a. (A) FISH was performed to observe the cellular location of circEIF3M (red) and miR-33a (green) in cells (magnification, × 200, scale bar, 100 μm). (B and C) Relative expression of miR-33a in TNBC tissues (Tumor) and adjacent non-tumor tissues (Normal) was determined by qRT-PCR (n = 20). (D) Schematic illustration of circEIF3M-WT and circEIF3M-Mut luciferase reporter vectors. (E) The relative luciferase activities were detected after transfection with circEIF3M-WT or circEIF3M-Mut and miR-33a mimics or miR-NC, respectively. (F and G) The relative expression of miR-33a was detected by qRT-PCR after transfection with indicated vectors. (H) Pearson correlation analysis of circEIF3M and miR-33a expression in 20 TNBC tissues. Data were indicated as mean ± SD, **P < 0.01.