Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14978—14989

Inhibition of miRNA-152-3p enhances diabetic wound repair via upregulation of PTEN

Figure 5. miR-152-3p acts as a potential upstream mechanism of PTEN. (AC) The potential upstream miRNAs of PTEN were identified using online predicting tools and bioinformatics analysis. (DE) Results of luciferase assays for miR-152-3p and PTEN. (FG) The PTEN level in the different groups was measured by qRT-PCR and WB analyses. (H) miR-152-3p level was determined in HUVECs treated with D-glucose via qRT-PCR analysis. (I) miR-152-3p expression was significantly increased at 3 and 7 days after wounding in diabetic mice compared with nondiabetic mice. Data are the mean ± SD of the three independent experiments. *P <0.05, **P <0.01, ***P <0.001.