Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 16 pp 16126—16141

SIRT1 alleviates high-magnitude compression-induced senescence in nucleus pulposus cells via PINK1-dependent mitophagy

Figure 5. Effect of SIRT1-overexpression on high-compression treated NP cells under inhibition of mitophagy. (A) PINK1-shRNA was used to silence the endogenous PINK1 in NP cells before high-compression and Ad-SIRT1 treatments. The expression levels of senescence-related biomarkers (AMPK, P53, P21 and P16) in each group were analyzed by Western blotting. (B) The degree of senescence of the NP cells in each group was assessed by optical microscopy after SA-β-Gal staining (200×). (C) The expression levels of mitophagic biomarkers (PINK1, Parkin, LC3II/I and P62) were analyzed by Western blotting. *P<0.05 versus the high-compression group. #P<0.05 versus the high-compression+Ad-SIRT1 group. Black bars=100 μm.