Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 17 pp 16899—16920

Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells protect thymus structure and function in aged C57 mice by downregulating aging-related genes and upregulating autophagy- and anti-oxidative stress-related genes


Figure 20. Expression of becline1 in the mouse thymus after treatment with mUCMSCs. Note: (A, B) show immunohistochemical staining of thymus becline1 in young control mice. (C, D) show immunohistochemical staining of thymus tissue becline1 in the treatment group after treatment for 1 month. (E, F) show immunohistochemical staining of becline1 in the mouse thymus tissue of the model control group. (G) shows the difference in the expression of becline1 in mouse thymus tissue between different groups after mUCMSC treatment. All dark brown tissue sections were strongly positive, brownish-yellow staining was moderately positive, pale yellow staining was weakly positive, and blue nuclei were negative. *** indicates p < 0.001, ** indicates p < 0.01, * indicates p < 0.05, and NS indicates p > 0.05. Becline1 activity was lowest in the young control group and highest in the treatment group, while the model control group showed intermediate activity.