Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 17 pp 16921—16935

Epigenetic upregulation of HOXC10 in non-small lung cancer cells

Figure 6. Association between G-quadruplex and the expression of HOXC10. (A) One G4 motif was identified by QGRS Mapper in the HOXC10 CpG island. The sequences, length, and position of the G4 motif were illustrated. (B) The BED file of a genome-wide profiling of G4 formation using BG4-ChIP SEQ was extracted and analyzed. The G4 track was visualized using IGV Genome Browser. The G4 peak called within the HOXC10 CpG island was illustrated. The G4 motif identified by QGRS was marked within the G4 peak. (C) Formation of G4 within the HOXC10 CpG island was assessed by ChIP assays using a G4-specific antibody BG4 in A549 and NCI-H23 cells. A fold change of the BG4 associated G4 region in NCI-H23 cells over A549 cells was obtained by setting the values from 2D culture to one. When presented, means and standard deviations were obtained from at least 3 independent experiments. * indicates a P value < 0.05.