Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 228—240

Downregulation of miR-155-5p enhances the anti-tumor effect of cetuximab on triple-negative breast cancer cells via inducing cell apoptosis and pyroptosis


Figure 5. miR-155-5p directly binds to GSDME. (A) The 3'-UTR of GSDME harbors the miR-155-5p cognate sites. (B) Cells that were transfected with the miR-155-5p agomir were detected with RT-qPCR. (C) The relative luciferase activity of the reporter plasmids carrying the WT- or MT-GSDME 3'-UTR in EGFR-overexpressed MDA-MB-468 cells following co-transfection with the miR-155-5p agomir was detected using the dual luciferase reporter assay. **P < 0.01 compared with the control group.