Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 18 pp 18209—18220

piR-19166 inhibits migration and metastasis through CTTN/MMPs pathway in prostate carcinoma


Figure 5. PiR-19166 suppressed migration and metastasis in PCa. (A, B) Overexpressing or silencing of piR-19166 was confirmed into PC3 and LNCaP cells by qRT- PCR (*P<0.05). (C, D) The cell migration of PC3 and LNCaP was assessed by Transwell assay (*P<0.05). (E) The number of metastatic tumor (blue arrow) was assessed by assay of lung metastasis models of nude mice after overexpression of piR-19166 in LNCaP cells (*P<0.05). (F) The survival time was assessed between overexpression group of piR-19166 and control group (NC),*P<0.05.