Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 16 pp 16390—16409

PRDX2 removal inhibits the cell cycle and autophagy in colorectal cancer cells

Figure 2. PRDX2 is associated with cell-cycle and autophagy regulation through the P38/FOXO pathway. (A, B) Heat maps (A) and volcano plots (B) showing differential gene expression upon PRDX2 depletion in HT29 and SW480 CRC cells; data from the GSE81429 dataset. (C) Venn diagram showing that 173 gene are differentially expressed in both HT29 and SW480 cells. (D) KEGG pathway enrichment of differently expressed genes in HT29 and SW480 cells. (E) FOXO pathway with differentially expressed genes in HT29 and SW480 cells.