Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 16 pp 16390—16409

PRDX2 removal inhibits the cell cycle and autophagy in colorectal cancer cells

Figure 4. Knockdown of PRDX2 suppresses CRC cell autophagy flux. (A) Immunofluorescence images of GFP-labeled LC3B staining in sh-PRDX2 and control CRC cells. (B) NC and sh-PRDX2 cells were transfected with GFP-RFP-LC3 plasmids. (C) Sh-PRDX2 and control CRC cells were analyzed by transmission electron microscopy. Arrows indicate autophagosomes. (D) Western blot of autophagy-related proteins (LC3B, SQSTM1/P62, Beclin 1) in sh-PRDX2 and control CRC cells. (E) The ratio of LC3 II/I. The data are shown as the mean ± SD of three experiments. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001 compared with the control group.