Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 17 pp 17353—17366

Taurine suppresses ROS-dependent autophagy via activating Akt/mTOR signaling pathway in calcium oxalate crystals-induced renal tubular epithelial cell injury

Figure 3. Effects of Tau on CaOx crystals-induced autophagy in cells. (A) The expressions of LC3-II and p62 were assessed by Western blot. (B) Fluorescence microscopy and quantitative analysis of cells transduced with Ad-mRFP-GFP-LC3. The green GFP dots and the red mRFP dots were used to label and track LC3. In the merged image, the yellow dots and the red dots indicate autophagosomes and autolysosomes, respectively; scale bar: 50 μm. (C) Detection of autophagic vacuoles by TEM in HK-2 cells. Red arrows: autophagic vacuoles; scale bar: 500 nm. Data are presented as the mean ± SD (n=3). *P < 0.05 versus the control group, #P < 0.05 versus the CaOx group.