Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 17 pp 17367—17379

G-protein coupled estrogen receptor activation protects the viability of hyperoxia-treated primary murine retinal microglia by reducing ER stress

Figure 3. GPER activation reduces apoptosis of hyperoxia-treated primary retinal microglia. (A) Representative FACS plots and (B) Histograms show the percent apoptotic cells of primary retinal microglial cells in the (a) control (C), (b) hyperoxia (H), (c) hyperoxia+DMSO (DMSO), (d) hyperoxia+G-1 (G-1), and (e) hyperoxia+G-1+G-15 (G-1+G-15) groups at 24 and 48 h. The cells were stained with Annexin V-PE and 7-AAD. The percentage of apoptotic cells included Annexin-V+ AAD+ plus Annexin-V+ AAD- cell. P<0.05 denotes statistical significance. The experiment was repeated thrice.