Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 10 pp 14499—14521

Identification of a 15-pseudogene based prognostic signature for predicting survival and antitumor immune response in breast cancer


Figure 3. P1/2 subgroups identified by consensus clustering of the 15 prognostic pseudogenes in TCGA dataset. (A) Consensus clustering cumulative distribution function (CDF) for k = 2 to 10. (B) Relative change in area under CDF curve for k = 2 to 10. (C) Consensus clustering of 775 breast cancers with k = 2. (D) Kaplan-Meier overall survival (OS) curves for patients in P1 and P2 subgroups. (E) The expression pattern of prognostic pseudogenes between P1 and P2 subgroups. (F) Expression levels of NCF1C, HLA-DRB6, HLA-DPB2, HLA-J, HLA-H, HLA-L, RPL13AP20, PGM5P2, HERC2P4, HSP90AB2P, DHX40P1, RRN3P3, RRN3P2, SDHAP1 and RPL23AP53 between P1 and P2 subgroups.