Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 17 pp 17436—17458

Jinmaitong ameliorates diabetic peripheral neuropathy in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats by modulating gut microbiota and neuregulin 1

Figure 1. Effects of JMT on phenotypes and histological morphology in DPN rats after 12 weeks. (A) Non-fasting blood glucose level, (B) body weight, (C) mechanical withdraw threshold, (D) quantitation of intraepidermal nerve fiber density (IENFD) in different groups. (E) Representative images of PGP 9.5 (green) immunostaining of intraepidermal nerve fiber profiles at a magnification of 200×; scale bars, 100 μm. Representative HE staining photomicrographs of (F) cross-sections and (G) longitudinal sections from normal control rats, distilled water-treated DPN rats, JMT-treated DPN rats, and NTP-treated DPN rats at a magnification of 400×; scale bars, 50 μm. Means ± SD; n=3-8/group. ****p <0.0001 vs. normal control group; ††††p <0.0001, †p <0.05 vs. distilled water-treated DPN group. One-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s multiple comparisons test or Kruskal-Wallis test followed by Dunn’s multiple comparisons test.