Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 17 pp 17568—17581

HSPB8 overexpression prevents disruption of blood-brain barrier after intracerebral hemorrhage in rats through Akt/GSK3β/β-catenin signaling pathway


Figure 3. HSPB8 overexpression significantly reduced brain injury and brain edema at 24 and 72h after ICH. (AC) Modified Garcia test, corner turn test, and limb placement test at 24h and 72h post-ICH in sham, ICH+ pLV-GFP or ICH+pLV-HSPB8 groups (n=6, mean±SEM). (D) The brain water content at 24h following surgery in sham, vehicle, and pLV-HSPB8 treatment groups. (E) The brain water content at 72h following surgery in different groups. Brain sections were divided into five parts: ipsilateral basal ganglia, contralateral basal ganglia, ipsilateral cortex, contralateral cortex, and cerebellum (n=6, mean±SEM). **P <0 .01 versus indicated group; *P <0.05 versus indicated group. n=number of animals per group.