Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 5 pp 7676—7690

Downregulation of microRNA-29b by DNMT3B decelerates chondrocyte apoptosis and the progression of osteoarthritis via PTHLH/CDK4/RUNX2 axis


Figure 1. The inverse correlation between DNMT3B and miR-29b expression is revealed in patients with OA. (A) The mRNA expression of DNMT3B in normal cartilage tissues and OA cartilage tissues determined by RT-qPCR (normal, n = 46, OA, n = 46). (B) The protein expression of DNMT3B in tissues of five normal cartilages and five OA cartilages normalized to β-actin measured by Western blot analysis. (C) The expression of miR-29b in tissues of normal cartilages and OA cartilages determined by RT-qPCR (normal, n = 46, OA, n = 46). (D) Pearson’s analysis of the correlation between DNMT3B and miR-29b expression. * p < 0.05 vs. normal cartilages. Statistical data were measurement data and described as the mean ± standard deviation. The independent sample t-test was conducted for comparison between the two groups. The experiment was repeated 3 times independently.