Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 16 pp 16539—16554

Accelerated epigenetic aging as a risk factor for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and decreased lung function in two prospective cohort studies

Figure 1. Associations between epigenetic aging measures and COPD in KORA and NAS. Associations were performed independently in KORA and NAS using the adjustment models laid out in Table 2 (including adjustment for baseline epigenetic age in the ΔAAD and ΔEEAD models) and are presented per 5-year change in the epigenetic aging measure. A fixed effect meta-analysis was used to combine results across cohorts. Only ΔEEAD is considered to have replicated as it had association with P < 0.05 in the discovery cohort (KORA) and in the replication cohort (NAS). For all epigenetic aging measures we consistently observe a 1-2% increase in the odds of COPD per 5-year change (elevation) in epigenetic aging. AAD = age acceleration difference; ΔAAD = change in age acceleration difference; EEAD = extrinsic epigenetic age acceleration difference; ΔEEAD = change in extrinsic epigenetic age acceleration difference; FE = Fixed effect.