Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 18 pp 18545—18560

MiR-520d-5p modulates chondrogenesis and chondrocyte metabolism through targeting HDAC1

Figure 8. Expressions of miR-520d-5p and HDAC1 in the degraded cartilage. (A, B) Expression of miR-520d-5p and HDAC1 in non-degraded and degraded cartilages, respectively. (C) In situ hybridization for miR-520d-5p in non-degraded and degraded cartilages. MiR-520d-5p was labeled by green fluorescence, and the nuclei were labeled by blue fluorescence. Scalar bar = 50 μm. For each experiment, at least three replicates were available for the analysis. Data were expressed as mean ± standard deviation (SD). *P < 0.05; ** P < 0.01; *** P < 0.001.