Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 11 pp 15638—15658

Transfer of exosomal microRNA-203-3p from dendritic cells to bone marrow-derived macrophages reduces development of atherosclerosis by downregulating Ctss in mice


Figure 2. ox-LDL induction of BMDM and identification of DCex. (A, B), The proportion of foam cells in BMDMs by oil Red O staining (magnification: 200 ×). (C) Serum TC, FC and CE levels determined by ELISA. (D) miR-203-3p expression measured by RT-qPCR. (E, F) Identification of the structure and size of exosomes by transmission electron microscopy (scale bar = 200 nm). (G) Diameter and number of exosomes assessed by Nanosight particle tracking analysis. (HI) The expression of exosomes markers (CD63, LAMP1 and LAMP2) and DC markers (CD83, CD86 and CD80) evaluated by Western blot analysis (50 μg protein was loaded). Statistical data were measurement data, and described as mean ± standard deviation. The paired t test was used for comparison between two groups in panel (AF). The experiment was repeated 3 times independently to obtain the mean value.