Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 18 pp 18571—18587

Characterization of LncRNA SNHG22 as a protector of NKIRAS2 through miR-4492 binding in osteosarcoma


Figure 8. SNHG22 inhibited tumor growth in vivo. (A) HOS cells transfected with PLKO.1-VECTOR, PLKO.1-SNHG22, PLVX-VECTOR or PLVX-SNHG22 were inoculated into nude mice (n=5). The tumors were excised 3 weeks later. (B) Tumors from different groups were weighed. **P<0.01. (C) Tumor volumes were estimated (0.5 × width2 × length) by caliper every week. **P<0.01. (D) Proteins were extracted from tumors and the expression level of NKIRAS2 and PCNA was measured by western blot. (E) Schematic illustration of the role of SNHG22 in OS cells.