Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 8 pp 12239—12257

Extracellular-vesicle containing miRNA-503-5p released by macrophages contributes to atherosclerosis


Figure 7. Overexpression of Smad7, smurf1, and smurf2 abrogates the effects of miR-503-5p on HCAECs and HCASMCs. HCAECs and HCASMCs were treated with exogenous miR-503-5p mimic (with miR-mimic NC as control) and expression vectors containing smad7, smurf1, or smurf2 gene. (A) Proliferation of HCAECs and HCASMCs detected by CCK-8 assay. (B) Migration of HCAECs detected by transwell migration assays and scratch test (×200). (C) Vessel-like tube-forming ability in HCAECs detected by Matrigel-based angiogenesis assays (×100). (D) Apoptosis of HCAECs detected by flow cytometry. (E) Migration of HCASMCs detected by transwell migration assays and scratch test (×200). Values obtained from three independent experiments in triplicate were analyzed by one-way ANOVA followed by Tukey's post hoc test among three or more groups. * p < 0.05 compared with HCAECs or HCASMCs treated with miR-mimic NC; # p < 0.05 compared with miR-503-5p mimic.