Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 17 pp 17694—17712

Preclinical studies show using enzalutamide is less effective in docetaxel-pretreated than in docetaxel-naïve prostate cancer cells


Figure 6. Targeting ARv7 with ARv7-shRNA or ASC-J9® further suppressed the DocR1-CWR22Rv1 cell growth in the in vivo mouse model. DocS1_CWR22Rv1, DocR1_CWR22Rv1 (left panel), DocR1_CWR22Rv1+shControl and DocR1_CWR22Rv1+shARv7 (right panel) cells (1x106 cells) were labeled with luciferase and injected orthotopically into nude mice. Two weeks after implantation, mice were treated with DMSO, Enz, or Enz+ASC-J9® for 2 weeks. Tumors were formed and visualized by IVIS image. (A) Growth curve of tumor size after tumor formation in groups (n=3 in each group). (B) Representative IVIS images of each group’s end point.