Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 18 pp 18660—18675

β-lactolin increases cerebral blood flow in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in healthy adults: a randomized controlled trial

Figure 2. Changes of the oxy-Hb levels during spatial working memory in the left DLPFC. Oxy-Hb measurement at weeks 0 and 6 and changes between weeks 0 and 6 in CH23 during the spatial working memory task. Data are presented as means and ± standard errors for the placebo (n = 25) and the β-lactolin group (n = 24). Group differences were identified using ANOVA and FDR correlation. A value q < 0.05 considered statistically significant. ANOVA, analysis of variance; CH, channel; Hb, hemoglobin; FDR, false discovery rate; DLPFC, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex