Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 25060—25075

LINC01235-TWIST2 feedback loop facilitates epithelial–mesenchymal transition in gastric cancer by inhibiting THBS2

Figure 1. LINC01235 is significantly upregulated in GC tissues and cell lines. (A) Heatmap of TCGA-counts data. (B) Volcano plot of significance of gene expression. The x-axis shows significance by the -log10 transformed p-value number and the y-axis shows the gene expression difference. A gene is considered significantly differentially expressed if its |log (FC)| > 2 and the p-value < 0.05. Red represents the up-regulated genes while green represents the down-regulated genes. LINC01235 expression was compared between (C) GC tissues and adjacent normal tissues from TCGA, (D) 48 pairs of GC tissues and adjacent normal tissues, and (E) normal cell lines, GC cell lines and normal tissues. (F) Overall survival of GC patients from TCGA database. Data are presented as the mean ± SD. *, ** and ***: P < 0.05, 0.01 and 0.001, respectively.