Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 25090—25100

miR-100-3p inhibits the adipogenic differentiation of hMSCs by targeting PIK3R1 via the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway

Figure 5. PIK3R1 overexpression was sufficient to reverse miR-100-3p-mediated suppression of hMSC adipogenesis. (A, B) miR-100-3p, PIK3R, PPARγ, and FABP4 mRNA levels in these cells were assessed. (C) Western blotting was used to assess PIK3R1, PPARγ, and FABP4 protein levels. (D) Lipid droplets were detected in these cells via Oil Red O staining; scale bar, 20 μm. (E) Oil Red O staining intensity differed significantly among study groups. Data were collected on day 7 post-adipogenic induction. Data are means ± SD (X ± SD, n=3). **P<0.01 vs negative control. ##P<0.01 vs miR-100-3p overexpression. Note: NC: miR-100-3p overexpression negative control and PIK3R1 overexpression negative control; miR-100-3p: miR-100-3p overexpression and PIK3R1 overexpression negative control; PIK3R1: PIK3R1 overexpression and miR-100-3p overexpression negative control; miR-100-3p+PIK3R1: miR-100-3p overexpression and PIK3R1 overexpression.