Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 25138—25152

Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes prevent osteoarthritis by regulating synovial macrophage polarization

Figure 2. Characterization and uptake of BMSC exosomes. (A) Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) showed that BMSC-derived exosomes had a typical cup-like morphology. Scale bar: 50 nm. (B) Nanosight Tracking Analysis (NTA) detection revealed that the average vesicle diameter was about 140 nm. (C) Western blot analysis of exosome lysates revealed positive expression of the exosome surface markers, CD63, CD81 and CD9. No cerulein was detected in BMSC-derived exosomes. (D) Detection of exosome uptake by BMSCs. Dil : red, DAPI: blue. Scale bar: 20 μm.