Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 25256—25274

A systematic review and network meta-analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with pancreatic cancer risk

Figure 1. Network meta-analysis results for the genetic models of the PC risk-related SNPs. The figure shows the network meta-analysis results for the (1) Allele (2) Homozygous (3) Heterozygous (4) Dominant (5) Recessive and (6) Additive genetic models of the following SNPs: (C) XPC rs2607775; (D) XPC rs2228001; (K) ERCC2 rs13181; (L) ERCC1 rs3212986; (V) ABO rs657152; (W) ABO rs505922; (X) ABO rs495828; (V) ABO rs657152; (N) COX2-765; (O) COX2-1195; (H) MUM1L1-CXorf57 rs379742; (I) MORC4 rs12837024; (d) HIF-1α G1790A rs11549467; (e) HIF-1α C1772T rs11549465; (P) CDKN2A/B rs3731249; (Q) CDKN2A/B rs3731211; (R) CDKN2A/B rs3218009; (S) CDKN2A/B rs3217992; (T) CDKN2A/B rs2518719; (U) CDKN2A/B rs1063192; (Y) CDKN2A/B rs1063192; (A) XRCC4 rs2075685; (B) XRCC1 rs25487; (F) VDR rs2228570; (G) TP53 rs9895829; (M) CTLA-4 rs231775; (E) VEGF +405 rs2010963; (c) MTHFR rs1801133; (J) FTO rs9939609; (b) TERT rs2853677. D.