Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 25256—25274

A systematic review and network meta-analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with pancreatic cancer risk

Figure 2. Rank probabilities for the six genetic models of the SNPs related to PC risk. The rank probabilities for the allele (1), homozygous (2), heterozygous (3), dominant (4), recessive (5) and additive (6) genetic models for the following SNPs: (C) XPC rs2607775; (D) XPC rs2228001; (K) ERCC2 rs13181; (L) ERCC1 rs3212986; (V) ABO rs657152; (W) ABO rs505922; (X) ABO rs495828; (V) ABO rs657152; (N) COX2-765; (O) COX2-1195; (H) MUM1L1-CXorf57 rs379742; (I) MORC4 rs12837024; (d) HIF1α-G1790A rs11549467; (e) HIF1α-C1772T rs11549465; (P) CDKN2A/B rs3731249; (Q) CDKN2A/B rs3731211; (R) CDKN2A/B rs3218009; (S) CDKN2A/B rs3217992; (T) CDKN2A/B rs2518719; (U) CDKN2A/B rs1063192; (Y) CDKN2A/B rs1063192; (A) XRCC4 rs2075685; (B) XRCC1 rs25487; (F) VDR rs2228570; (G) TP53 rs9895829; (M) CTLA-4 rs231775; (E) VEGF +405 rs2010963; (c) MTHFR rs1801133; (J) FTO rs9939609; (b) TERT rs2853677. Note: Genetic model of an SNP with best mean probability is considered the optimal genetic model.