Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 25337—25355

Single cell sequencing reveals cell populations that predict primary resistance to imatinib in chronic myeloid leukemia

Figure 5. Modulation of the immune structure in response to imatinib treatment (A) Bar plots showing the fraction of different cell lineages in each sample. (B) TSNE plot of the re-clustering result of CD14+ monocytes. Cells are highlighted in colors indicating sample of origin. The number of cells in each cluster is listed in Supplementary Table 2. (C) Heatmap displaying the expression profiles of CD14+ monocytes across different samples. Top differentially expressed genes in each sample are indicated. (D) Heatmap comparing the expression profiles of CD16+ monocytes across different samples. The selected marker genes are indicated. (E) Bar plots comparing the detected C1QA-expressing monocytes across different samples. P value was calculated using a Fisher’s exact test. (F) Dot plots comparing the CD52-SIGLECT10 ligand-receptor interactions between P04-BC-BT and N. The p value was calculated using a permutation test. (G) Beeswarm plots showing the expression of KIR2DL2 among all cells across samples. The number of cells expressing KIR2DL2 in each sample is indicated.