Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 25744—25766

Alisol B 23-acetate activates ABCG5/G8 in the jejunum via the LXRα/ACAT2 pathway to relieve atherosclerosis in ovariectomized ApoE-/- mice


Figure 1. AB23A improves atherosclerotic lesions in ovariectomized ApoE-/- mice. Ovaries were removed from 8-week-old female ApoE-/- mice, and the mice were fed a high-fat diet with saline or AB23A (2.55 mg/kg) daily for 12 weeks. (A, B) Representative image of oil red O staining of the aortic arch. Original magnification: 40×. (C) Quantification of lipid area in plaques (n=5/group) The P-value represents the comparison with the control group. The data are expressed as the mean ± SEM (n=5/group). (D, E) TEM image of the aortic arch of ovariectomized ApoE-/-mice. Red arrow, lipid droplets. The original magnifications of the images in the same group are 1.2k× (left) and 5.0k× (right).