Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 598—618

EPHA5 mutations predict survival after immunotherapy in lung adenocarcinoma


Figure 6. Relation of EPHA5 to clinical outcomes in LUAD. Patients with tumors harboring EPHA5 mutations had longer OS times than those with tumors without EPHA5 mutations in the MSKCC immunotherapy cohort: (A) LUAD set, (B) pancancer set. The OS time did not differ significantly between EPHA5-Mut and EPHA5-WT patients not treated with immunotherapy in the (C) TCGA LUAD or (D) MSKCC pancancer cohort. (E) High tumor mutation burden (TMB_H) was positively correlated with prolonged OS in the MSKCC immunotherapy cohort. (F) Survival curves were generated for patients in the MSKCC immunotherapy cohort stratified by both the EPHA5 mutation status and the TMB. P-values calculated with the log-rank test are shown.