Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 3353—3367

Asiatic acid protects oocytes against in vitro aging-induced deterioration and improves subsequent embryonic development in pigs


Figure 2. Effect of AA supplementation on the developmental competence of in vitro aged porcine oocytes after parthenogenetic activation. (A) Blastocyst formation at day 7 in each group (Left); and representative fluorescence images of blastocyst staining with Hoechst 33342 in each group (Right). Scale bar=100 μm. (B) Percentage of 2-cell embryos, (C) 4-cell embryos and (D) blastocyst formation in each group. (E) Total number of cells in blastocysts from each group. (F) Diameter of blastocysts from each group. The number of embryos examined in each group is shown by the bars. Statistically significant differences are indicated by different letters (p<0.05).