Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 894—909

The emerging role of the MiR-1272-ADAM9-CDCP1 signaling pathway in the progression of glioma


Figure 6. MiR-1272 functions as a glioma repressor through the ADAM9-CDCP1 pathway. (A) Relative expression of ADAM9 and CDCP1 in glioma cells transfected with miR-1272 mimic, as assessed by western blotting. (B) Correlation analysis between ADAM9 expression and CDCP1 expression in glioma. (C) The effect of CDCP1 on the migration ability of SHG44 cells was evaluated by Transwell assay. (D) Statistical diagram of the migration results. (E) The CCK8 assay was employed to detect the effect of CDCP1 on the proliferation of SHG44 cells. Error bars represent mean ± SEM. ** p < 0.01.