Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 26000—26011

Suppression of long noncoding RNA LINC00324 restricts cell proliferation and invasion of papillary thyroid carcinoma through downregulation of TRIM29 via upregulating microRNA-195-5p

Figure 2. LINC00324 knockdown restricts the proliferation and invasion of PTC cells in vitro. TPC1 and K1 cells were transfected with LINC00324 siRNA or control siRNA for 48 h, and (A) knockdown of LINC00324 was confirmed via RT-qPCR. (B, C) Effect of LINC00324 knockdown on cellular proliferation was assessed via a CCK-8 assay. (D, E) Effect of LINC00324 knockdown on clonogenic growth was detected via a colony formation assay. (F, G) Effect of LINC00324 silencing on invasive potential was determined via a transwell invasion assay. *p < 0.05 versus control siRNA.