Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 1001—1016

Conditional deletion of Wntless in granulosa cells causes impaired corpora lutea formation and subfertility


Figure 6. The effects of Wntless deletion in granulosa cells on ovulation and the expression of β-Catenin and LHCGR. (A) The number of ovulated oocytes in control (n=7) and mutant mice (n=6) after superovulation. (B) Relative mRNA levels of ovulation related genes in ovaries at 8 h post-hCG treatment. (C) The levels of β-Catenin and LHCGR in ovaries at 48 h post-hCG treatment measured by western blot. The β-Catenin and LHCGR levels were normalized to GAPDH. (D) Immunostaining of β-Catenin in the ovary at 8 h post-hCG treatment. Scale bar =100 μm. DNA, blue; β-Catenin, yellow. In (AC), data are shown as the mean ± SEM. Experiments were replicated a minimum of 4 times.