Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 1186—1211

MicroRNA-139-5p upregulation is associated with diabetic endothelial cell dysfunction by targeting c-jun


Figure 9. MiR-139-5p prevents tube formation in vivo. Matrigel was mixed with the normal ECFCs transfected with miR-139-5p mimics or diabetic ECFCs transfected with miR-139-5p inhibitors. The mixed Matrigel was inoculated into the abdomen of nude mice. After 2 weeks, the Matrigel was separated from euthanized mice. (A) Representative photographs. (N=4) *P < .05 versus normal or diabetic group. (B) CD31 histological images under high-power fields (200X) of normal optical microscope. (N=3) *P < .05 versus normal or diabetic group. Data shown in the graphs represent mean ± standard deviation.