Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 24651—24670

Downregulated genes by silencing MYC pathway identified with RNA-SEQ analysis as potential prognostic biomarkers in gastric adenocarcinoma

Figure 2. Level of mRNA and protein expression of TTLL12 (A), CDKN3 (B), CDC16 (C), PTPRA (D), MZT2B (E), and UBE2T (F) in diffuse (n = 103) and intestinal (n = 110) GC tumor samples. Mann – Whitney test was used to compare the relative gene expression levels. In all graphs, the expression in gastric tumors was normalized by matched non-neoplastic gastric tissue. RQ: relative quantification; T: tumor sample; N: normal mucosa sample; The whiskers indicate the minimum and maximum values. red dotted line represents the 1.5 fold-change.