Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 24651—24670

Downregulated genes by silencing MYC pathway identified with RNA-SEQ analysis as potential prognostic biomarkers in gastric adenocarcinoma

Figure 7. GSEA analysis of the DEGs in ACP02 and ACP03. (A and B) GSEA Enrichment plot of the main sets of genes enriched in the hallmark collection in both cell lines. Three major important KEGG pathways were inhibited in ACP02 (C) and activated in ACP03 (D). GO (Gene ontology) analysis was identified in the transcriptomes in ACP02 (E) and ACP03 (F) for the categories of cellular component, biological process, and molecular function. In the hallmark and KEGG charts, the enrichment score values assume negative values (rank of inhibited genes) for ACP02 and positive values (rank for activated genes) for ACP03, as indicated in the curves. The FDR is the estimated probability that a gene set with a given NES (normalized enrichment score) represents a false-positive finding. Several enriched gene sets are significant as indicated by an FDR of less than 25%. In all analyzes p-value <5%.