Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 3428—3442

Reduced SULT2B1b expression alleviates ox-LDL-induced inflammation by upregulating miR-148-3P via inhibiting the IKKβ/NF-κB pathway in macrophages


Figure 3. miR-148a-3p mediates the regulation of SULT2B1b in macrophages. (AE) Following treatment with ox-LDL, Ad-GFP- or Ad-shSULT2B1b-transfected Raw264.7 cells were treated with Ad-GFP or Ad-shSULT2B1b. Subsequently, the cells were transfected with/without miR-148a-3p inhibitor, respectively. (AC) The proliferative ability s was detected by EdU staining and CCK-8 assay. (D, E) IL-6 and TNF-α mRNA levels were determined by RT-PCR. (FJ) Raw264.7 cells were transfected with Ad-GFP or Ad-shSULT2B1b and the treated with ox-LDL. Then, the cells were transfected with/without miR-148a-3p mimic. (FH) The EdU staining and CCK-8 assay data showed the proliferative capacity of the cells. (I, J) IL-6 and TNF-α mRNA expression was determined by RT-PCR. Data are shown as the mean±SD (n=3). **p<0.01, ***p<0.001. ns, no significant difference.