Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 24671—24692

Progesterone receptor isoform-dependent cross-talk between prolactin and fatty acid synthase in breast cancer

Figure 1. Differential enrichment of FASN, prolactin, and PRLR genes in breast cancer subtypes. FASN, prolactin, and PRLR mRNA expression levels in primary breast tumors from the METABRIC project classified into distinct subtypes using different classifiers. (PR+, n=903 versus PR-, n=797, Mann Whitney test; 3-genes signature, estrogen receptor (ER)-/HER2-, n=290, ER+/HER2- high proliferation, n=603, ER+/HER2+ low proliferation, n=619, HER2+, n=188, ANOVA with Dunn’s multiple comparison test; PAM50: basal, n=161, claudin-low, n=186, HER2 enriched, n=190, luminal A, n=631, luminal B, n= 412, ANOVA with Dunn’s multiple comparison test).