Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 1332—1356

CCDC170 affects breast cancer apoptosis through IRE1 pathway


Figure 2. IHC stain and the prognosis value of CCDC170, IRE1α and XBP1s in breast cancer tissues. (A) Representative IHC staining of CCDC170, IRE1α and XBP1s. Scale bar: 50μm. (B) The correlation between CCDC170 and IRE1α levels in breast cancer tissues (r = 0.233, P = 0.020). 1, 2 represented low expression (0-2 staining index) and high expression (3-12 staining index) respectively. n = 100 cases. (C, D) The CCDC170 high-expression group exhibited better DFS (P = 0.037), but no significance in OS (P = 0.183). (E, F) The expression of IRE1α showed no significance in OS (P = 0.530) and DFS (P = 0.094). (G, H) The expression of XBP1s showed no significance in OS (P = 0.678) and DFS (P = 0.377).