Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 104—133

Dietary and environmental factors have opposite AhR-dependent effects on C. elegans healthspan


Figure 6. Tryptophan supplementation abolishes the differences between wild-type and ahr-1. (A) Positive ESI MS analysis. The HT115 BPC after the subtraction of the OP50 BPC is shown. Masses in peak 2 are shown as an inset. (B) Positive ESI-mass spectrum of OP50(L4440) medium after subtraction of the HT115(L4440) spectrum. Masses peak 22 are shown as an inset. m/z 219 is likely an Ala-Glu dipeptide. (C, D) Heat stress survival after tryptophan supplementation with indicated concentrations of tryptophan. Survival curves of 7-days old worms feeding on HT115 supplemented with tryptophan are shown. The curves show pooled data from or 40 worms/condition in 2 independent replicates (1.25 mg trp) or 60 worms/condition in 3 independent experiments (2.5 mg trp). * p-value < 0.05 vs. wt, # p-value < 0.05 vs. HT115, statistical test: Log-rank test.