Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 3699—3711

Dexrazoxane ameliorates radiation-induced heart disease in a rat model


Figure 4. Gene expression profile in heart tissue from the RIHD rat model. (A) Results of transcriptome sequencing of tissue samples from RT and RT+H-DZR rats. (B) Gene expression profiles of Toll-like signaling pathway members were examined using a heat map. Red, high expression; white, intermediate expression; blue, low expression. (C) Top 30 enriched pathways identified using distribution points of differential genes in KEGG pathway analysis. The horizontal axis represents the enrichment factor, point size indicates the number of differential genes in the pathway, and the color of the points corresponds to different Q-value ranges. T indicates RT+H-DZR, R indicates RT. (D, E) show NF-κB-p65 protein levels (×100, scale bar =250 μm; ×400, scale bar =50 μm) in myocardial tissue determined by immunohistochemistry (n=5 per group). mean ± SEM, *: p <0.05, **: p <0.01.