Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 3726—3741

SphK1-targeted miR-6784 inhibits functions of skin squamous cell carcinoma cells


Figure 2. miR-6784 overexpression exerts significant anti-skin SCC cell activity. A431 cells (AE), primary skin SCC cells (“C1”/“C2”, FI), SCC-9 cells (FI) expressing the lentiviral construct encoding pre-miR-6784 (“OE-miR-6784”) or the nonsense control microRNA sequence (“miRC”), were established. Cells were cultured for applied time periods, cellular functions, including cell viability (A), colony formation (B), cell proliferation (C, H), migration (D, I), and invasion (E) were tested by the appropriate assays. Expression of miR-6874 (F), SphK1 mRNA (G) in “C1”/“C2” cells, and SCC-9 cells was examined as well. Data were presented as mean ± standard deviation (SD, n=5). Experiments in this study were repeated three times with similar results obtained. *p< 0.05 vs. “miRC” cells. Scale bar=100 μm (CE).