Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 3798—3818

Deciphering the correlations between aging and constipation by metabolomics and network pharmacology


Figure 1. The results of behavioristics based on the negative control group (NC), the aging model group (AG) and the constipation model group (CG). (A) Body-weight gain; (B) Food intake; (C) Typical swimming heat map on the spatial probe ability of rats in the fourth day; (D) Escape latency; (E) The number of crossing the platform; (F) Urine volume collected for 12 hours; (G) First dejecting time; (H) Gastric emptying rates; (I) Gastrointestinal ink push rates. Data were presented as the mean ± S.E. (n=6). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, compared with NC.