Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 3819—3842

Four hub genes regulate tumor infiltration by immune cells, antitumor immunity in the tumor microenvironment, and survival outcomes in lung squamous cell carcinoma patients


Figure 10. The expression of the four hub genes is associated with differential infiltration of immune cells into the LUSC tissues. (AD) CIBERSORT analysis shows the association between infiltration of 22 immune cell types into the LUSC tissues and the expression levels of (A) C1QC (B) CSF1R (C) LAPTM5 and (D) SLCO2B1 genes. The LUSC patients were ranked into high, medium and low hub gene expression groups based on the levels of expression of each of the four hub genes, C1QC, CSF1R, LAPTM5 and SLCO2B1. The red, blue, and green histograms indicate high, medium and low expression levels of the corresponding hub genes. The correlations between the groups were analyzed using Mann–Whitney U test.