Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 3 pp 3886—3897

Praja2 suppresses the growth of gastric cancer by ubiquitylation of KSR1 and inhibiting MEK-ERK signal pathways


Figure 6. Praja2 inhibited GC growth in vivo. 30 mice were divided into two group randomly, MKN-45 cells were subcutaneously injected into nude mice. 1 week later, we injected lentivirus packaged praja2 or NC into tumors. (A) Tumor volume was measured every 7 days. (B) Tumors was isolated after 28 days of MKN-45 cells injection, and photos for representative tumors. (C) The mRNA of praja2 and KSR1 in isolated tumors were detected by qRT-PCR. (D) Western blot for praja2, KSR1, MEK, p-MEK, ERK and p-ERK protein expression in isolated tumors. Data are mean ± SD; *P < 0.05.